Icon SFX Handpiece




Introducing the Icon SFX, a revolution in handpiece technology allowing you to “Go Harder For Longer”

  • Better Flow – the free turning tension sleeve means less binding or jamming of the sleeve, resulting in reduced wear on the tension pin and sleeve;
  • Runs Cooler – maintaining the correct shape on the top of the pin.
  • Correct Tension – more accurate feel of tension regardless of cutter thickness.
  • New cog design, for reduced noise level and smoother running for longer.
  • Smaller back joint cover – Ensures optimal comfort in the hand.
  • Better balance through improved weight distribution.
  • Less weight in the back end improves manoeuvrability.
  • New back joint shape keeps the back end moving freely with less strain on the wrist.
  • Less weight in the hand means less fatigue on the body.